Thursday, 31 January 1985

climbing with Conan (1980 - 1985)

Not "Conan the Barbarian", but Conan Fischer (and sometimes his wife, Mary, as well)! At that time, Conan was rapidly pursuing his Munros, and as we lived nearby in Edinburgh, was a good climbing companion - except in one respect: his legs were about a foot longer than mine, so I was always trotting along behind him! Conan introduced me to winter hillwalking - nothing very dramatic - but out in all months of the year (well, almost - I've climbed a Munro in every month except March so far!)

A very cold September day on Lochnagar (Anne pictured here looking chilly!) (13/09/80).

Conan trying (unsuccessfully) to explain to me the theories of economics on Beinn a'Ghlo (04/04/81). That day, we also had Anne and Allan Findlay with us; Anne and Allan both "compleated" this year - well done, both! Conan, how are you getting on with yours??

Getting back to the car in the dark (at 6pm) from Beinn a'Chroin, An Casteal and Beinn Chabhair on 07/11/81.

Traverse of the Grey Corries (19/08/82); Conan included Sgurr Choinnich Mor, but I didn't get there until October 2006.

Romping back down the lovely even slope from the top of Chno Dearg to Fersit in under an hour, stopping only to collect a deer antler en route.

On top of Ben Lui in mist and a howling gale (10/09/83).

Driving up the A9 in the VW Beetle, with steep banks of snow on both sides, and finding the layby we wanted was the only one that had been cleared for miles! Tramped over A' Mharconaich, Beinn Udlamain and Sgairneach Mhor (picture below) in soft snow. So much snow that we weren't aware that we must have crossed the Allt Dubhaig without realising it.

Beautiful clear crisp days on Creag Mhor and Beinn Heasgarnich in Dec 84 and Jan 85.

Turing back before the top of Beinn Dearg (Atholl) in deep soft snow, with my wee legs struggling to keep up with Conan's! Returned there with Anne (and bikes!) on 9th April 2003.

In 1985, we moved down to Selkirk, so it wasn't so handy to get away up to the hills with Conan. Maybe we should have another joint expedition?

(written 13/08/09)