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What now?

So, what now?   

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Sunday, 3 July 2011


Aonach Beag and Aonach Mor    2nd July 2011

Compleated at last!

(full story to follow in due course, but here's a few pictures ...)
(... and a link to the local paper ....)

setting out up the Glen Nevis path, 10.30am, sun shining!
Frank, Malcolm and Anne on Sgurr a'Bhuic, 1.30pm
approaching Aonach Beag, with Aonach Mor beyond - the last 2 in sight!
and he's made it!  top of Aonach Mor,  3.30pm, Saturday 2nd July 2011
and the full summit party:  L to R  Ben Nevis, Fiona Bethune, Anne Bethune,  Allan Findlay (compleated), Ann Findlay (compleated),  me (just compleated!), Frank Frame, Frances Bethune, Malcolm FIndlay
Thanks to all who climbed with me or joined me on the summit (especially those who brought the champagne, cake and other goodies!);  special thanks to Winky O'Neale for the "In Pinn"; sorry about those who couldn't make it - I wish you could all have been there, but we'll have a Munro party in Selkirk in the Autumn for anyone who's been with me on a Munro over the last 35 years!

May God shield us in the valleys,
May Christ aid us on the mountains,
May the Holy Spirit embrace us on the slopes,
In hollow, on hill, on plain, mountain, valley and plain.
May God's goodness be ours
And well, and seven times well, may we spend our lives.