Sunday, 8 May 1983

MLC training - getting serious?

From 1980 to 1985, I was teaching Physics at Craigroyston Community High School in Edinburgh. It was in a tough area, and we did a lot of outdoor education. At that time, Lothian Regional Council had an extensive in-service training programme for teachers, so i took the chance to embark on the Mountain Leadership Training programme. We had evening classes once a week - navigation skills, first aid, ropework etc, and a few trips. And, of course, we had to start keeping a logbook, so I had to go back through my diaries and list all my hillwalking experience to date. That was the start of keeping proper records - dates, times, weather conditions, hills climber, and so on.

However, I clearly wasn't yet fully "smitten" with the Munro bug. How do I know this? On the 7th May 1983, the MLC group went on a navigation exercise up Glen Lochay. The target was the top of Meall a' Churain in the mist. A few of the group took the chance to visit the Munro summit (Sgiath Chuil), a distance of about 500m away, but I didn't. Imagine being so near the summit of a Munro, and not bothering to walk that far to get to it! In fact, i didn't get there for another 22 years - it was my 187th Munro, on a showery day in August 2005 before I rectified that omission!

Mind you, I must have been getting serious about it, as I was prepared to go off for a day's walking with the MLC group, leaving Anne and 5-day old Iain at home on their own!

(written 12/08/09)